Bachelor of science in nursing

What is Bachelor of science in nursing ?

The BSN programme aspires to prepare quality, compassionate, competent, technology and research oriented nursing professionals who can provide safe, quality, evidence-based, and patient-centered care to the individuals, families, and population in community and hospital settings. The graduates function as change agents to enhance the standards of healthcare with vibrant, complex healthcare systems.


The Health Aid College of Nursing applies professional nursing standards and competencies across a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs to prepare students to reach their full potential. Students engage in diverse learning environments to foster critical thinking and attain excellence in providing care for diverse populations and advancing knowledge.
BSN Program in HACN&HS provides a pathway for success to Islamabad and surrounding regions. The program provides student-centered learning experiences in a supportive community to prepare registered nurses to assume leadership positions, manage complex clinical care, and improve the health and welfare of the citizens within their community and across the nation. involvement in the community, and offers a variety of experiential learning opportunities to link student learning to the reality of today’s health care system.

Aim and Objective

1)Demonstrate the art and science of professional caring incorporating the professional values of the discipline of nursing.
2)Model critical thinking within the practice of professional nursing. Appraise listening, oral, nonverbal, written, and visual communication skills for efficacy.
3)Demonstrate utilization, integration and application of knowledge generated through research as evidence in practice.
4)Perform a comprehensive assessment of individuals, families and aggregates utilizing current technologies when needed.
5)Practice safe evidence based nursing care.
6)Promote health through education, risk reduction, and disease prevention.
7)Appreciate human diversity and the implications of a global health care environment.
8)Acknowledge and assess the spirituality of self and others. Use information and communication technologies to care for the patient and to enhance one's own professional knowledge.
9)Evaluate therapeutic nursing care for individuals, families and aggregate groups in a dynamic, multi-faceted health care system according to accepted standards of practice.
10)Explain the multiple roles of the professional nurse as a leader.
11)Explicate the characteristics of holistic nursing practice within a Christian worldview.
12)Apply to nursing practice an ethical framework that incorporates Christian worldview, moral concepts, professional ethics, law and respects diverse values and beliefs.
13)Develop personal goals for continued professional development, self-care, and lifelong learning.

Clinical Attachment

2)Ali Medical Hospital.
3)PIMS Hospital.

Eligibility criteria

F.Sc Pre-Medical or Equivalent with 50% Marks

Fees Structure

1)Admission Fee: 95thousand.
2)Semester Fee: 1Lac,5thousand.
3)Form Processing Fee: 3thousand.
Note: Scholarship available for 1st three position holder in 1st semester bsn only.