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Health Aid College of Nursing & Health Sciences (HACNHS) was established in June 2014 for the promotion of health education in Pakistan through disciplined academic environment together with need-based teaching and practical training, pertinent to requirements of the health sector. HACNHS, a future-oriented and unique institution is committed to achieving excellence in the Intermediate in Nursing and Paramedics graduate Programs. The college offers superior and comprehensive educational opportunities at the matriculates and Baccalaureates through special professional educational levels. The college is committed to achieve milestones in the field of Nursing & Health Sciences and make a beneficial contribution to the society by providing educated and skillful individuals.

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“Health Aid College of Nursing and Health Science (HACN&HS) is the most diverse provider of education in health sciences in Pakistan.
Students from various backgrounds come from all over Pakistan to study in our programmes and become educators, service providers and researchers in the field of health”.

Health Aid College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Islamabad
PhD Scholar, MPH, BSN

Welcome to the Health Aid College of Nursing and Health Sciences Islamabad Pakistan
In pursuit of our mission, Health Aid College of Nursing and Health Sciences’ mission is to facilitate the development of innovative ways to collaboratively promote health and well-being and striving to expand knowledge, skills, and attitudes among healthcare professionals across various disciplines, faculties and within the health system through teaching, training, practicing, mentoring, coaching and evidence-based research activities.
We strive to support our learners from various disciplines and other stakeholders to collectively contribute to bring positive change in the health status of the people across the country and beyond. In order to achieve that milestone, we are committed to accomplish our strategic goals and objectives in interdisciplinary research and professional education in a sustainable manner.
We provide specialized training opportunities in our advanced learning environment for students to become experts and professionals in nursing, rehabilitation sciences, and public health. Our academia is equipped with advanced sciences and skills laboratories, computer laboratories, and libraries. We also promote recreational activities in the campus to enhance students’ academic performance, leadership development, behaviour, interpersonal communication skills and relationship, and capability to cope with change.
(PhD Scholar, MPH, BSN)